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Ten years ago I wanted a place where gay men could come together online and be among friends.  No judgement.  No attitudes.  No hate.  Just a place to come together and enjoy each other’s company and have an hour or two of fun to get our minds off of the world around us.  I thought we should have some background music in that little bubble of joy.  Sort of like a club sound, but away from the drama of a club.  So we came up with an online radio station.  “We” meaning the group of us that were called “The Sacred Six”.  And so was the birth of an online radio station. 

It took Tim and I (and the BohicaNites) ten years of tweaking, and purchasing the best microphones, and testing out over fifty sets of headphones, and obtaining the best mixing equipment.  We made apps for those who wanted to listen to us on the go.  There were websites to build and servers to maintain to house the vast library of music collected and created. Coding was ripped apart and rebuilt, icons to create, tshirts to be designed, and listeners to reach out to.  We organized giveaways, produced birthday parties, invented a made up language, and established a connection from our studio to individual souls.  My job here was to make you happy.  

And I think I’ve accomplished that.

The main goal was to hang out with my gay friends.  To listen to the same sound as we giggled and laughed and just fucking enjoyed ourselves.  But somewhere along the way, B2K Radio became a chore.  As more and more people from around the globe listened to B2K Radio, the principle of a FREE club in your computer started to turn into a lot like a job.  I’m not sure why everyone who tuned in just couldn’t sit back and enjoy the ride.  There were a few that wanted to change us.  “Play this tune” or “play that artist”.  It’s one of the reasons I didn’t do requests.  It’s not what B2K Radio was about.  I didn’t WANT to be like any other radio station.  I wanted to be unique.  People came to B2K Radio to listen to something they hadn’t heard before.  Yet…they wanted me to play the same thing they could hear by just heading to Youtube or Spotify or iTunes.  It was getting frustrating.  I was dreading going live every Saturday night.  

This is not why I created B2K Radio.  

All of the money for production and air time comes out of Tim’s and my pocket.  We don’t ask for any compensation.  That was until I create a Patreon account where listeners could “tip” us $1 if they liked what they were listening to.  That money would then go back into production costs and even better giveaways.  And even that became a hassle. 

But then I thought, “why?”

I’ve learned that I can’t please everyone.  Not even close.  Those with technical problems on THEIR end will complain about B2K Radio not coming through on their computer from 1992.  Others were complaining that the live broadcast was in the middle of the night or the early morning.  Which was true since I played live at 10PM Florida time, which is around 8am on the other side of the world.  I get it.  The time thing is crazy.  I have a life outside of this studio.  I have art that has been neglected, books that I need to finish writing, and a day time job.  There’s no possible way I could keep B2K Radio going live 24/7 without a staff.  I don’t have the money for a staff, nor do I have enough “tips” coming in from Patreon.  

So, after ten years of playing live, after over 3,800 shows, I’ve decided to call it quits.  

At least the live broadcasts.  I’ll still continue to do the REPLAYS, but on my own time.  It won’t necessarily be on Saturday nights.  I miss going out with Tim on the weekends.  For those of you who continue to keep B2K Radio in your ear…the REPLAYS will continue to flow.  You’ll have to keep your eye here to B2KRadio.com to see when I’m doing it live.  If you’re currently getting your REPLAYS on iTunes, Google Play, or XBox you can still continue to be subscribed.  You’ll be notified when there is a new episode for you.  

If you’ve “tipped” me through Patreon, I’ve deleted your patronage.  Your generosity should be refunded to you.  I won’t be getting any of it.  I thank you, truly, for even considering keeping B2K Radio alive and well.  It was my honor that you thought well enough of us to donate.  

Keep listening to B2K Radio!  It just won’t be live any more.  Our final live broadcast will be this Saturday Night, December 26 at 10pm EST.  That’s when we’ll say goodbye and thanks for listening while I do my thing.

Dec 26 - Saturday
Dec 12 - Saturday

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