B2K Radio Patreon Blitz

All day Saturday – we’re having a B2K Radio Patreon Blitz.  Which means starting at 12pm East Coast Time (Saturday, February 11)  we start the chairdancing straight on through to the live show at 10pm.  

Why are we doing this?  To get you hooked, of course.  And once you’re hooked, we are absolutely certain you’ll become a patron of B2K Radio and live your life knowinf you’re a Bohicanite. 

If you know me or Bohica2k (or B2K Radio), you’re already a Bohicanite without forking over any cash.  However, with the growing costs of production and desperately trying to get our name bigger than it already is…that takes support.  And who better to get support from than those who have been in the BohicaNation this entire time? 

Bohica2k and B2K Radio has always been community oriented.  If it wasn’t for YOU, we wouldn’t be us.  You are the backbone to what we do what we do and why we continue to do it.  The problem is, we never know who is actually IN the BohicaNation.  Sure, we have a few hints because of the emails, the kind gifts in the mail, the notes and texts, but there are some of you that have been with us all along.  Now, not only can you help us to take over the world…err…become as big as we can get, we can also show you our gratitude in return. 

Not only are you pledging to reward us for our creativity, we can share our creativity in ways that were never open to you before.  You provide support to us and we’ll make your world a little more colorful in more ways than one.  You’ll have the opportunity to hang us on your wall, place us on your bookshelf, stick us in your ear, and we’ll even give you the literal shirt off our backs (because we have tshirts.  That makes more sense when I explain it to you.) 

So thank you for the dollar!  Bohica2k will be tastier than a cup of coffee, give you more energy than an energy drink (which both cost more anyway) and more entertaining than a movie, but less entertaining than a hooker.  I’m guessing.  I just know we’ll be cheaper than her.  Again, I’m guessing.  Stop reading!  Pledge that dollar and get ready to be a part of the BohicaNation!

Oh, and thank you (whether you become a patron or not) for donating a dollar to your BohicaNation. 

Note:  You can click the patron badge below to get on the road to the BohicaNation.  You can also visit our parent site at Bohica2k.com to see what else is going on in our head.

Mattruary 11 - Matturday
Feb 04 - Saturday

Author: Chuck

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